Will my film have spoken audio like vows and speeches?

All packages offered by 1080 Productions include professional wireless microphone systems for both the groom and officiant for the ceremony.

Outside of the ceremony, we will also provide a professional audio recorder to capture speeches and other special presentations or announcements as long as we have advanced notice. Proper clearance is required by the couple with the venue/ band in order for us to record musical performances at the reception.

Where can I find your pricing information?

Please request pricing from our contact page. We'll get back to you within 48 hours!

Does having two cinematographers affect pricing?

One camera is certainly easier, but the second set of eyes and angles ensures that in the end, 1080 Productions catches the special moments that you may otherwise miss. So if you request only one cinematographer for your wedding there could be a slight decrease in cost but are you willing to sacrifice the quality of the final project? We can't re-create your wedding day.

Does 1080 Productions travel?

Yes! 1080 Productions will travel to where you are. Pricing will be determined according to distance from the New Orleans metro area.

When will I receive my film?

Our editing process, for every wedding, takes roughly 100 hours of post production work. From importing footage to sending out your package, crafting an exclusive trailer and film for you and yours is truly a joy, but it does time to get every detail right. The time it takes to customize your wedding trailer and film is roughly 4 months, from the date of your wedding to delievery.